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Are the Jewish reputation being use by Exxon & Cheney to create wars for oils? Iraq & now Russia?

';...Amoco 鈥?later taken over by British Petroleum 鈥?was an early partner with Yukos in a highly prospective Siberian oil field Priobskoye. Amoco spent $300 million developing the oil field ............

Because Khodorkovsky's father is Jewish, Cheney said it was motivated by anti-Semitism, and that it is only one of many steps to clearing Russian economy from Jews. Gusinskiy and Boris Berezovsky, who too have Jewish roots, have also been persecuted

When he was arrested, $14 billion worth of stocks he held in Yukos Oil--44 percent of all shares in the company--were frozen by government prosecutors, who said Yukos owed Russia $24 billion in back taxes. This prevented him from going through with a $20-billion projected investment deal with Exxon-Mobil that undoubtedly was behind his downfall

auction is reported to be $8.6 billion, but whoever buys it will have to pay $25 billion more to the Russian government to cover the taxes. (Interfax)Are the Jewish reputation being use by Exxon %26amp; Cheney to create wars for oils? Iraq %26amp; now Russia?

Did McCain pick Sarah Palin or did Exxon pick Sarah Palin because of the oils? McSame wanted Joe Lieberman?

At other times, party members have also proposed that the state explore the possibility of joining Canada. Other members have expressed opposition to joining Canada in its present form but are open to the possibility of joining an independent Western Canadian state in the event one should be established. Neither of these scenarios form part of the party's current platform.Did McCain pick Sarah Palin or did Exxon pick Sarah Palin because of the oils? McSame wanted Joe Lieberman?
re: voice of liberty:

mccain did want leiberman but he caved to the right wing of the party in picking a christian conservative. lieberman is hardly a democrat these days and democratic voters hate him. he is however a conservative who is also seen as ';middle ground'; somehow and that's why mccain wanted him. the two candidates have vastly different goals: lieberman would suit one and not the other.Did McCain pick Sarah Palin or did Exxon pick Sarah Palin because of the oils? McSame wanted Joe Lieberman?
Its quite obvious that McCane picked Palin. Its also quite obvious their was a very strong party influence on Obama to pick Biden. Biden doesn't represent anything Obama stands for.
McCain not only wanted Lieberman But I think that after Palin resigns in the near future that McCain is going to get Lieberman
Maybe, big oil did seam to have bought McCain for sum greater than one million, but looking at it, I think the people who ran McCain's campaign are the ones that picked her... they simply said, this is how you can pick up the woman's, family values, and evangelical vote... McCain saw her picture, read her profile, and then made his decision...

I just hope that people aren't simple enough to fall for such an easy trick.
McCain did not want Lieberman. I keep hearing this from libs so often. If Lieberman is so great, then why didn't Obama pick him?

WHere is Exxon, Shell, and Cheveron at in Iraq, I'm over here and I don't see any Oil being pumped out

I might be wrong, can someone show me on a map or something where this so called war on oil is at,

If bush wanted to justify the war in Iraq he would of planted a couple of nukes before the war started

If bush wanted to link 9/11 with Iraq he would of used iraqi terrorist not saudis

If bush stole 2 elections, lied and covered up his military service and planned 9/11

lol you guys are funny!!WHere is Exxon, Shell, and Cheveron at in Iraq, I'm over here and I don't see any Oil being pumped out
I know I have been there for 21 months and I at least expected the gas prices to go down because of the oil war we started. I am begining to think that maybe this war wasnt about oil :-)WHere is Exxon, Shell, and Cheveron at in Iraq, I'm over here and I don't see any Oil being pumped out
Oil %26amp; Iraq situation have nothing to do with each other.

The U.S. gets 40% of its oil right here at home.

Most of the rest comes from the top five:

Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia %26amp; Nigeria

Iraq is LOW on the list...鈥?/a>
85% of that oil is under contract to a French firm, Compagnie Petrol De Francais. Those contracts date way back to the period of the so-called UN ';embargo';. But, some people who are filled with a visceral hatred of George Walker Bush and his administration don't want to let facts get in the way of their hatred. They do the same when they ';warp'; the WMD issue, which we used to try and gain a UN Security Council Resolution for another Peace Enforcement Mission, with the Congressional Authorization to conduct offensive military operations against Iraq. They don't recognize that a lot of the reasons contained in that resolution were also in the Iraq Liberation Act passed in 1998, during the Clinton administration.

Good luck on your tour in the ';sand box';. I wish you a safe return to home and loved ones.
I was there for fifteen months, and I didn't see any either.
I think it should also be pointed out that the USA imports more oil from Canada and Mexico than any country in the Middle East.

The ';blood for oil'; battle cry is all about fooling weak minded and easily fooled Liberal lemmings.
Exactly. You couldn't have said it any better. Thank you for pimping this out.
It is kinda funny...

Im sure your question will bring out the liberal Bush Bashers in force.
Doesn't mean he isn't one of the worst presidents in the history of this great nation.

Shouldn't Exxon & Conoco Just Shut Down US Production Since Hillary/Obama Want to Levy Huge Taxes on Oil?

Doesn't it make less sense to produce if a Dem is going to nail you with high taxes? Why bother producing at all?

After all, wouldn't that accomplish what Dems want --- no US production and buying all of our oil from OPEC, Russia, Venezuela, Norway, and Mexico?Shouldn't Exxon %26amp; Conoco Just Shut Down US Production Since Hillary/Obama Want to Levy Huge Taxes on Oil?
Now now, first Hillary said that she was going to take the oil profits and then Obama jumped on the wagon and stole her idea and HE said he was going to take the oil profits. This is one of the reasons we have such high gas prices. The oil companies are trying to make as much as they can before Obama STEALS their profits. That with the normal summer gas increase has put the gas price through the roof.

Anyone can deny this but I live close to an oil refinery and I've learned quite a bit from the people that work there.Shouldn't Exxon %26amp; Conoco Just Shut Down US Production Since Hillary/Obama Want to Levy Huge Taxes on Oil?
After you said that, gas prices just went up 5 cents.
Perfect, the reason behind levying taxes on oil companies is to prevent the coming energy crisis. Plus, we get to spend that money on nice things like education and the military.
I hate to agree since we need gas but from a business standpoint...yes
No, to th contrary,if they DO NOT produce oil then will they be slapped with a huge fine and/or tax!
If you were making a $1, and now you are going to make $.50, would you be better off making nothing?

Of course not.

Exxon/Mobile has just posted it's 2007 earnings of 40 billion. Have we been RAPED by big oil? What can we do?

The earnings are the largest in the history..Exxon/Mobile has just posted it's 2007 earnings of 40 billion. Have we been RAPED by big oil? What can we do?
Keep it up we need more hot air balloons.Exxon/Mobile has just posted it's 2007 earnings of 40 billion. Have we been RAPED by big oil? What can we do?
I really don't see anyone putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy your fuel at Exxon/Mobil. Shop elsewhere.
If you seen how much the government makes on each states gas tax.... added up to a total....

You would think you have been raped by Big Oil.... AND the government!~!

Remember.... its not just big oil bending you over.

Its the government who also has its hand DEEP in your pockets.

And its not just Cheney and BUsh helping them all either...

Its Politicians on BOTH sides of the political spectrum holding your butt cheeks open and greasing you up really good for them!

Its been this way for DECADES. Lately... theyve just gotten bolder.

And it shows in record federal and state reciepts for the gas taxes.... and record profits for big oil.

Of course.... they always leave out how much money the government screwed you over for.... just to point the finger in big oil...ALONE's direction.
Yes and oil prices on the world market are at record levels....every bussiness attempts to make a certain profit margin on their investments, normally a minimum of 10%....... if exxon pays more for its oil, prices its gasoline to make 10% their profits will obviously go up......or are you suggesting that exxon should purchase that barrel of oil at $100, process it, transport it, market it, and sell it at a loss?....its called capitalism
Hit'm with a multi billion ';windfall'; tax!
No ones paycheck has increased, probably not even the working people at Exxon. Yes, we are being raped unless you believe that we are using more fuel at 3.00 a gallon than at two. Supply and demand? I don't see it in my area.
we shouldn't even be using oil any more except for plastics and fertilizer! we have the technology to pull electricity straight out of the ionosphere and there is hundreds of times more than we could ever use up there. EVERY DAY 3 times the total GLOBAL ANNUAL electric consumption falls from the sky to the ground. all we have to do is put something in between and harness it. Tesla invented something to do this over a hundred years ago, but why did it never get put into place? because it would distribute power through the ground wirelessly... and FREE. Westinghouse and Carnegie said, ';where can i put my meter?'; and when he said it didnt have one, he was blacklisted for life. his inventions are still on file at the US patent office. ive read them. they work. why they havent been built is way beyond me....
It's actually 41 billion but what a billion or two between friends.

Elect Dems and let stop the Big Oil collusion that's driving up prices.
Exxon Mobil doesn't create the demand for their product. You do.

I wonder if you would be just as upset if there were no gas to buy at the pumps and be blaming Exxon Mobil for that as well.

What if Exxon were selling Ice Cream instead of gasoline and made $40 billion in profit. Would you still be upset?

we need to wait for a dem. to be elected so they will hopefully fix this for us.

i find it ironic that ever since bush the oil man first took office gas has gone up. the average price per gallon before he started destroying this country was only $1.46

Bush apologists will blame the price increase on supply and demand. give me a break.
Of course their profits are up, they sell oil way above the cost of production to the Chinese company that built your current computer and all of the toys you bought the kids in December.
For a company that only provides ';3%'; of the worlds oil production....i think this is just one more indication that the American people have been getting screwed over royally by American oil companies. Makes you wonder if gas prices could have been cut in half and Exxon could have dealt with just making $20B......but i'm sure they will tell you again and again that they have no control over the gas prices.
Ever since the Dems won Congress, Big Oil has posted record earnings after record earnings. Congress can do something but Big Oil knows they will not.

Isn't it sickening that the same dems who can stop this, blame the president (who cannot do anything) and say there is nothing they can do?

I wouldn't mind the rape as much if they didn't add sand to the Vaseline ;-)
Yep big oil did do a job on us.

19% is taken in taxes

4% is profit and marketing鈥?/a>

So who is doing the real rape?

Factor this in too now Democrats want to raise the taxes even more to fight global warming.

Atleast I know that when it comes down to this

at least I know that oil companies pay their people well and have great benifits.

The government on the other hand does nothing but become a gaint sink hole for waste when they take a buck for welfare and give out 10 cents.

You know what you can do?

1. Drive smaller cars

2. Use public transportation

3. Look around your house and see what do your really need.

If people like Gore give up their SUVs that would a lot to increase supply and drive the cost down.
no you have been served by big oil and you bought it, they cant make a profit if you don't buy it, unless you adopt the old McDonald's made me fat argument,

stop buying Exxon/Mobil gas, buy chevron/Texaco, or better yet you can by shell or bp and send our money over seas, of corse you'll be ending a lot of jobs here in America, and hurting pensions and 401k accounts for millions more, but that's not your problem is it? so long as you stick it to the man right?
Actually thats good...They are a big company that employs thousands of workers. Because of these big companies, millions of families have a roof under their heads.
Bend over and spread your checks.
Oil is more expensive than any time in history. What is the profit on it? That's the key. They historically run at a 9 to 10 percent profit margin. If it's more than that, then there is something amiss. If it's less than that, then they are actually taking a hit. Earnings mean little, profit means a lot.
get some lube so it hurts just a little bit less it really the only thing we can do. ;)
We can pray the government raises taxes on everyone!

What more important to the US? Stable oil supplies, or ensuring even more billions in profits for Exxon/Mobil?

It's ridiculous that U.S. courts have any business deciding issues of Venezulean law. But its completely insane that we could risk losing oil supplies just to prove the point that Venezuela has no right to decide what happens to its own oil resources.鈥?/a>What more important to the US? Stable oil supplies, or ensuring even more billions in profits for Exxon/Mobil?
Heaven forbid a country enter into a contract with another organization, have that organization provide their end of the deal, and have a left wing whack job fail to live up to his end of the deal.

Are Americans really this stupid?What more important to the US? Stable oil supplies, or ensuring even more billions in profits for Exxon/Mobil?
As one of the companies presently controlling U.S. domestic and foreign policy, Exxon/Mobil has quite the vested interested in maintaining and/or expanding its profit margin. And, it really doesn't care what U.S. courts or the U.S. people have to say about the matter.
OMG! Our government is out of control!

We are telling everybody what to do.
It is more ridiculous that you support a third world communist dictator that refuses to honor the obligations that he has.

Move to Venezula and live for a year under the Chauvez regime, then come back and tell us how good it was. You would be one of the few; they are rising up against him in droves down there.
Ask Bush... I think he has already taken care of the billions for Exxon.. with a little something for himself... so he can buy half of Paraguay
  • lip plumper
  • Exxon freezes 13 billion of Venezuela's assets. So Chavez cuts off oil to America. Isn't that sound business?

    Hey, if Exxon froze 13 billion of your dollars -- seriously, would you do business with them?

    Exxon got pissed off because Chavez nationalized the oil, and Exxon could not go about ';business as usual'; by sucking the monster profits off the oil, got childish about it, and froze 13 billion of VENEZUELA'S MONEY.

    Is that right? Is that good business? Doesn't any country have the right to allocate/use/construct their resources/business any way they please?

    Exxon became aggressive. Chavez called their bluff.Exxon freezes 13 billion of Venezuela's assets. So Chavez cuts off oil to America. Isn't that sound business?
    Chavez already paid Exxon the value Exxon had in its books for its properties in Venezuela (he didnt just nationalize the oil companies, he paid them billions when he did it)

    Now Exxon is saying its properties were worth much more than that, doesnt that meant that Exxon actaully owes Venezuela tons of back taxes??Exxon freezes 13 billion of Venezuela's assets. So Chavez cuts off oil to America. Isn't that sound business?
    LOL good point, having oil men in the white house DID make prices go up, gee how could that happen?

    thanks for picking my answer! Report Abuse

    I agree.

    If the oil companies were raping my country without the benefit of lube (which they are)...and I had the power to stop it I would.

    If then someone froze my accounts I would cut off their oil..freeze any accounts of theirs I could, throw out all people from that country and block them from entering my country.

    To those saying stolen from exxon, etc%26gt; Please explain to me 1) why it is ok for us govt to do same exact thing via eminent domain? 2) Why this is not fair as Exxon steal from everyone?
    this is people have NO idea what you're talking about...sad...

    momma, huckleberry...i do not include you...
    Hugo Chavez knew that Exxon as a Corporation enjoying huge profits from their enterprises, on the backs of the American people, is tied to the Bush Administration with its oil interests amid the leadership, almost every one of them profiting from the price of our gas. Since Chavez resents Bush and everything he represents and he knew that the Bush Administration had to approve the freezing of funds, he punished Exxon in the way that he did.

    We live in a Corporate-run world. Huge Corporations have their eyes on the money and with nationalized oil, they were losing the profits from Venezuela. I am not a big fan of Nationalized Oil Interests, but it is not too far away from what we have now. Venezuela, as a nation, has a right to handle their interests in any way they please. If they object to Chavez' handling of it, it is their job to straighten out their country. Venezuela's money is Venezuela's money and Exxon had no right to do as they did.
    To hell with Exxon and Chavez.
    You are spot on there on every point.

    Do not be surprised if Chavez becomes the target for yet another CIA-backed, corporate-sponsored coup.
    Well, let's see. You are the president of a country. A corporation from some other country comes and buys land in your country and invests massive amounts of money to build a system that will make them a lot of money but also contribute a lot of money to your country. You decide you'd rather have all the money yourself, so you try to take it. The company isn't happy, needless to say, and it takes you to court. Freezing assets is a normal procedure in lawsuits that expect to claim large amounts of money.

    We have investments from countries all over the world here. Should we take them over, too?
    A contract was signed by Exxon and the Venezuelan government. In steps the newest Castro wannabe, and he breaks the contract. Under international law, Exxon would win in court. If you study the history of Latin America, you will see that all those countries go from one far left government to one far right government and back again, since 1810. Although I don't like big corporations, they can take their grievances to court and the U.S. government has no power to do anything about it. Chavez , obviously, has no clue what democracy is all about. The Venezuela people would be better off without him and his like. ought to see their ads.

    They make themselves look like God.
    Hugo Chavez is the democratically elected leader of Venezuela, and he is the person to decide how the oil is to be dealt with.

    Not Exxon.

    Frankly, Exxon has far too much power for a mere ';business'; anyway. Why on Earth would they think they should be able to determine a foreign country's oil policy?

    It's none of their damn business if Venezuela decides to nationalize their own damn oil.

    However, I would bet a million bucks that the bigwigs at Exxon had a stroke apiece when THAT news was announced!
    Exxon had a contract with the country and took a huge risk in investing there. Chavez knew exactly what he was doing. He waited until Exxon and the other oil companies were finished their major exploration, drilling, and construction projects and then determined the deal was ';robbing'; the people of Venezuela. Exxon should be paid for its investment and lost income. If a court determines they should get X amount of dollars for Chavez breaking that agreement, then they deserve X amount of dollars, not what Chavez thinks his victim should receive. Good for Exxon!

    The only travesty here is that the thousands of smaller investors and individuals who Chavez has screwed do not have the lawyers to fight Chavez's theft.

    Yeah, you made a nice argument for Chavez. It's just too bad the facts get in the way.
    This is what we get for allowing other countries to buy land in our country.

    Darwima, it's sad as hell to see how uneducated the so called educated masses of our country have become or have been duped into stupidity.
    I am absolutely against Big Government and view government regulations and control as a last resort. When an industry or individual corporations become more powerful than the world's only superpower, something has to be done. The entire system has gone awry. The problem is, our government IS the corporate elite. The policy makers ARE the profit takers, who in turn pay the truth makers. And the wheel goes 'round.

    Chavez is an ally of We The People, our government is our enemy. They don't even bother to hide it anymore. At this point chemo won't even begin to touch the 'cancer' (Fascist Corporate Corruption). Any ideas?
    that is what's called an embargo to stop an import of oil in this case that's what It's called embargo.
    I always say...Don't bite the hand that feeds you...
    I haven't done business with them since they reported those insane profits Paid the last Ceo 4 billion in his retirement package and had the highest gas prices in America. They have gotten 6 dollars from me in 3 almost years. as for Venezuela they Should Freeze the funds . The technology Chavez stole is worth at least that. Anyway I believe we should Annex Venezuela Jail Chavez and TAKE the oil.